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Proximity information and messages made easy

We have a full range of beacons available for use that can be configured using the iBeacon™ and Eddystone™ standards.

We are pleased to announce that our beacons have now been certified by Google and we now appear on their where to buy supplier list.

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Getting started

If you are new to bluetooth beacons or want to know how our beacons work

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Full documentation

We have full documentation and technical specification available.



Small box beacon with upto 30M range and a battery life of 12 months using default settings. These are high quality bluetooth devices that can be configured to broadcast as iBeacon™ or Eddystone™. All available settings for each can be changed using PROX Beacon application.

PROX Beacon

PROX Beacon allows you manage our range of beacons. PROX Beacon is available on Android and IOS platforms.


PROX Info works with our cloud based platforms to provide any kind of information or message.

PROX Beacon in action

Easy to use application

PROX Beacon is used to manage our beacon range. PROX Beacon is available on Google Play and Apple app store

PROX IoT mPOD components

Quality and robust beacon that can be used in most situations

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