PROX NFC Tag - Help

The PROX NFC Tag application is designed to work with the iPhone 7, 7+, 8, 8+ and X. You have to be running IOS 11 or greater to have access to the NFC technology on your mobile.

To use this application simply have the application running on the home screen and when you see an opportunity to tap or scan press the scan now button. You will see the standard Apple display that the iPhone is ready to the scan and place the top of the iPhone against the item as directed.

Once successfully scanned you will be automatically be presented with with either the web page, text panel or prompted to send an SMS or call a phone number.  If it has found that an email is required you will be taken to your default mail client and prompted with the correct "to" email address.

For all those wanting to see a view of the data records on the tag we have added a NDEF messages view. You can access via the menu or by pressing the PROX IoT logo on the home page. When in the NDEF Messages view just press the Scan button in the toolbar at the top and the NDEF records present will be displayed.